Sunday, 21 October 2012

My Ipad doodles

For my adorn and decorate unit of GCSE art I chose to do fashion illustrations of Valentino's dresses in SS12. I had to look at various artists such as the young and new Niki Pilkington and the legendary David Downton to inspire my work. As I follow D2G Apparel's facebook page, which is a website focusing on up and coming fashion illustration, I could discover a range of talented and original artists. One of the artists was Mustafa Soydan: Digital vs. traditional illustrations: Mustafa Soydan says both caught my eye with this beautiful illustration of Kate Moss for French Vogue:

As always, when I find  new artist I try imitate their style. I uploaded an illustration app on my Ipad and started doodling. Here are some of my trials:

This is the closest I got to his style...
Portait in the style of Charles Dana Gibson's Gibson Girls


  1. Paloma c trop beau j'adore moi aussi je vais me faire un blog ( Evane )