Wednesday, 27 June 2012

School sketchbook

Line drawing of myself...
Mixed media: crayons, oil pastel, watercolours and copic markers...

In the style of Norman Rockwell...
I left Paul McCartney with no black like I did for John as I liked the contrast of the  facial features with the white... but my teacher wanted me to do it for John so I could see the effect...

Mr. Todd from the Wind in the Willows...

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Today's work

A sketch of Edie Campbell.


Preview of little cartoon called: Froggy & Co. (explaining my blog title.) It's about two twins who have adventures and they have a frog...

Monday, 25 June 2012

Leigh Viner illustration...

As I was searching for illustration blogs to get inspiration I found Leigh Viner's blog: CREATE. What I love the most about her illustration is that, even though it is quite contemporary, it is very classic.

This is my favorite. I love the hair as it reminds me of Klaus Voorman's Beatles Revolver  cover. The dark eye, contrasting with the light pink lines fits in beautifully.
For those two, I like the effect of the paint dripping. 
The brushstroke in this one is very elegant, giving a light effect.

Sunday, 24 June 2012


This is suposed to be Twiggy, however her head length is not like her's and her eyes are too big...

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Saturday, 9 June 2012


ART NOWA: CINDY SHERMAN RETROSPECTIVE Feb 29.2012: She’s been called the original Lady Gaga and from February 26 to June 11, you can see a retrospective of Cindy Sherman’s work at New York’sĀ...

Friday, 8 June 2012

Film Cameras

Since it's the holidays I am at my grandparent's and every time I go, I find something very interesting and thrilling. Last time it was a late 1970s record player and a bunch of records, including Paul McCartney's Pipes of Peace (one of my favourite of his solo albums) and the Bee Gees. Well, this time I found a beautiful Olympus  AF, I'm not sure which model it is though... It's in perfect condition and I found a brand new film roll in it... 

I love cameras, something about the cacking sound it makes when I press the shutter button excistes me and I can't wait to see how the shot I took turned out. Eventhough, digital cameras offer quick and tecnological advancements, I still dream of a beautiful film camera called the Asahi Pentax. Is it the fact that I love the sixties and want a type of technology appropriate to that era? 
The fact that this camera was meant to be one of the most advanced cameras in the 60s plays big part but with film, you can gain an atmosphere and feel which can't be found with Digital cameras. Highlights are better held in 35mm film cameras which can be used to emphasize a main subject or express more subtle emphasis on a secondary subject this can't be done with digital.

The Pentax Asahi 
Eventhough the price of film processing may put you off getting film, it is cheaper to get a good quality film camera then a digital one... 
  Those are two of my favourite photographs from Bailey's photo shoot with Jean Shrimpton in 1962. They are prefect examples of how film cameras can bring out and emphasize a sense of action in a picture due to the quality and colours. I love the contrast between Jean's stiff pose and the men's movement in the picture on the right

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

ADORED VINTAGE | vintage fashion blog: vintage clothing shop updates | oh lovely florals!...

ADORED VINTAGE | vintage fashion blog: vintage clothing shop updates | oh lovely florals!...: what a better way to end the month of may than with a plethora of flowers, vintage floral prints, floral embellishments, flowers everywhere!...

John Lennon - In His Own Write

This is where my blog title comes from: John Lennon's first book, published in 1964 in the height of Beatlemania with a quite clever play on word with: In his own right. The whole book is filled with amusing play on words with double meanings and nonsense poetry and stories accompanied by drawings. On the cover there is a Robert Freeman photograph of John. The book begins with a funny Introduction by Paul McCartney who recalls that when they were 12 years old friends (which isn't true - they hadn't met when he was twelve) he wondered : "Is he deep? He wore glasses so it was possible"
<- Example of one of his  drawings...

"John Lennon is a remarkably gifted writer... hilarious, clever and funny." - Melody Maker  
 "Irresistible... the drawings are marvelous  - Sunday Telegraph

This is the new edition of the book which includes "A Spaniard in the works", his second books, which was published in 1965. He wrote it with the help of George Harrison and during the filming of the second Beatles film: Help!.

When Lennon wrote these books the Beatles were still in the habit of singing lyrics about "Diamond and rings". In this book you get an alternative take on the Beatles' public sweetness and light:sick parodies, surreal low life tales and vengeful attacks on the media.

John Lennon told Wilfred De'Ath in a June 1965 World of books interview: "I hardly ever alter anything, because I'm selfish about what I write or big headed about it. Once I've written it I like it and the publisher sometimes says, you know, shall we leave this out or change that and I fight like mad because once I've done it, I like to keep it. But I always write it straight off." What came out of his head was spontaneous and free.    
Here is an example of one of his poems:

I sat Belonely
I sat belonely down a tree,
humbled fat and small.
A little lady sing to me
I couldn't see at all.
I'm looking up and at the sky,
to find such wonderous voice.
Puzzly, puzzle, wonder why,
I hear but I have no choice.
'Speak up, come forth, you ravel me',
I potty menthol shout.
'I know you hiddy by this tree'.
But still she won't come out.
Such sofly singing lulled me sleep,
an hour or two or so
I wakeny slow and took a peep
and still no lady show.
Then suddy on a little twig
I thought I see a sight,
A tiny little tiny pig,
that sing with all it's might 'I thought you were a lady',
I giggle, - well I may,
To my surprise the lady,
got up - and flew away.


Monday, 4 June 2012

Photobooth photography - 1960s...

Today I am working on my project for GCSEs which is on 60s fashion photography (focusing on David Bailey)
and contextual art (Cindy Sherman). The main aspect of 60s photography I like is those film spread sheets that David Bailey does... here are my favourites:

Lennon and McCartney...

Jean Shrimpton...

This isn't David Bailey (Robert Freeman?) - It was for A Hard Day's Night movie that came out in 1964... It's in the same principle as David Bailey's film spreads...

George Harrison

For one of my final ideas going to my final piece, I am using the album cover of A Hard Day's Night as an inspiration.

 Here are the photos of someone (remaining anonymous) I arranged to look like the first strip of the album cover

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Hello Goodbye...

Hello and welcome to my blog. I will be posting  about anything that comes to my head that day. Here are a few subjects, people or things that will come up now and again...
                -> Jean Shrimpton and David Bailey's photography...

-> The Beatles and other 60s bands... 

-> I'll post my own photographs - not of myself but of people I know...

Since I study art at GCSE, I'll post my artwork and stuff. Thank you for reading my first blog post please read on!